Who are we?

Your home and business “fundi”. Professional and high quality work means every home and business repair, installation, maintenance or odd job is quickly checked and done right for the first time.

Handyman completes all your major renovations in an efficient manner, making your “To do list” manageable. 

Handyman can provide your commercial venue with inspections, maintenance and repair services. It is recommended that all structural facilities should have at least one annual inspection carried out by a specialist company to ensure that all facilities are in a safe working condition.


Our Goals

Business focus
Handyman allows you to focus on your core business. You no longer have to worry
about where and how to find Fundi’s and/or materials for that minor (or major)

Quick mobilization

We have a ready team of Handymen to ensure rapid response to your service
requests, even emergencies. 


Our wide database of qualified Handymen across all service lines means that, depending
on whether you need an army of Fundi’s or just a few skilled handymen, we
easily flex to accommodate your requirement

Our Vision

Handyman is a social enterprise brand that aims to improve the livelihoods of youth with technical skills in our country putting them at a global competitive level with Mesh dCi offering back office support.